My SET for College Solution

My SET For College Solution™ is a family’s single source solution that takes the complex college selection, admissions, financial aid, and funding process and makes it SIMPLE.

My SET For College Solution includes 3 phases:

  • PLAN: Solving the problem parents face of “We want to figure out what the best school(s) are for our child(ren)” by providing counseling to determine the exact right fit” for students including career path discovery, picking the right major, building the optimal list of colleges to apply to, and preparing for campus visits.
  • PACKAGE & PREP: Solving the problem parents face of “We want to make sure that our child(ren) get into the school they want to attend” through college essay and application coaching, strategizing and preparation for the SAT and ACT exams, resume building, entrance interview tips, internship strategies and career coaching
  • PAY: Solving the problem parents face of “We want to figure out how we can send our child(ren) to the school of their choice” by determining financial aid eligibility, optimizing financial aid strategies, providing preliminary award estimates, designing a working plan on how to pay your out-of-pocket college costs in the most efficient manner, free financial aid form completion, analysis of award letters and financial aid appeal strategies.

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